I was recently clearing my workshop of up to 50ish years of junk when I found a plastic shipping container and inside a SWTP 6800 computer, I decided to lift it out of this supposedly water tight plastic shipping container when the rust and decay showed up, the result being it just fell to pieces, yes literally! So off to the dump, even all of the PCB tracks had decayed!


I found, in the container in good condition, as they were in sealed plastic bags, a large number of spare parts including processors and interface devices of the 70's vintage. My Big Mistake, they should have gone to the dump as well, but no, I thought I might just use them in a project some day!


Being now bored out of my scull (retiring isn’t all it’s cracked up to be) I decided to populate a circa 1970’ish PCB, that I had spared from the dump, with some of the components I had also spared! Ahhhh when I applied power onto the aged board I found the traces were a mass of breaks. Yes, that was the thin edge of the wedge, I decided to reproduce the MC6802 design with a new PCB layout built using today’s standards. The layout done and Gerber files were generated and sent off to my PCB printer in China (SEEED) and the rest is in the Web Pages.


When I started these projects I had no specific use for the computer designs other than the effort to keep the brain cells working, I suppose this concern was prompted by a number of my colleagues, of simular vintage as myself, showing distinct signs of brain fade. The old saying is "if you don't use it, you lose it" well, from what I have seen, I am a believer!

A couple of weeks later 5 of the nice new shiny PCB,s dropped into the mail box. I rushed back to my workshop and inspected the results which I must say were just great, what a change from the old days, doulble sided boards with plated through holes with all the solder masks and silk screens, I was spoilt!  Don't forget in my time you were lucky to get plated through holes, I started off with the old wire wrap system so getting modern boards was a great improvement.

I quickly constructed the first board expecting teething problems BUT they soldered easily so was confident that all was well so a quick PSU test I then applied the power. To my surprise then command prompt popped out. Full testing was completed and all the hardware passed! There was a software issue of the "try typing with the other foot" type which was corrected and now all is well. Thank you SEEED for a great job.

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